P1170837Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting my website. Once my daughter said to me: you have travelled a lot why don’t you show your impressions to others. And here it is.

I like cities and architecture, nature and hiking in the mountains. I like classical music and art, mostly paintings. I am also interested to learn something about the culture of the place I visit. My special interest is traveling by scenic railways, for example in Japan, Switzerland and elsewhere. When traveling I mostly fly to the destination and then use public transport only rarely renting a car. I like comfort I would call a value for money, therefore I stay in the hotels from 50-150 euros per night mostly. Of course, there are exceptions from this rule in both directions.

As you can notice there are several parts in my website: first is the picture Galleries which give the overall impression about my trips. My special liking is taking the pictures from the airplane window. It is why I always ask Window seat, please. Travel section is describing my travels. Thoughts are ideas to inspiring or sharing with you little bits of my travel experience. Hotels etc. are reviews of the hotels and the other kinds of the accommodation where I have stayed. I mostly include the reviews of the hotels I would recommend if there is no opposite statement in the review. Places describe buildings, parks and other places I have been visiting. Every travel description has links to galleries, hotels and places about particular travel. There are places, hotels and galleries which have no direct relation to any travel diary. I hope you will get inspiration and ideas for your future travels. I am open to your questions and recommendations.


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