P1600151Mafraq Hotel Abu Dhabi is a four-star property situated in the outskirts of Khalifa City B, closer to the airport and quite far away from Abu Dhabi city center. It was a bit of forced choice for me because the end of my one week trip to Emirates matched the beginning of Formula 1 championship races in Abu Dhabi. The receptionist said that prices are much higher than usual. Still many hotels were fully booked and I wanted to have some place closer to the airport before my early morning flight back home. I took the taxi to get there and also went by taxi to the airport in the morning. Taxi to the airport was  a bit less than 50 dirhams. In general, I was satisfied with my stay and a nice swim in the swimming pool. Just restaurants lacked some ambiance and I even did not want to try. If you need some place to rest and stay before your flight from Abu Dhabi airport might be it is a good choice.

  • Published by Anita on December 11, 2015
  • Traveled November 2015



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