I took my most unusual travel photos so far on the flight from Sydney to Ayers rock, Uluru in September 2012. The world famous monolith known as Uluru is located in the southwestern corner of Australia’s Northern Territory. Geographically speaking, it is close to the center of Australia.The sky was crystal blue, and the land of Australia remarkably observable from above, with all its unique colors and shapes. Because much of Australia's interior is arid, the low average annual rainfall means interior rivers are often dry and lakes empty. Because of that people inhabit just a very little part of the country. Seeing the photos for the first time, most people don't believe those are real places on Earth, but they are! Mother Nature is extremely rich and versatile, in fact, so take a look and believe what you see. 








  • Published by Anita on November 18, 2015
  • Traveled September 2012

Author: Anita Sāne

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About the author
Anita is a part-time traveler, passionate photographer and a mature career woman from Latvia, 
traveling mostly solo for more than 10 years. She is a skilled travel planner planning and executing her travels by herself. Anita wants to show you how to travel the world and open your mind to new experiences. Follow her also on Instagram and Pinterest.


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#5 Priya 2016-02-01 05:35
Love these birds eye view pictures, Thanks for sharing and taking us on a journey to see the area around Uluru!
#4 Alyssa 2016-01-31 22:40
Beautiful images and such vibrant colors! I'll be heading to Australia in March and hope to make it to Uluru.
Elaine Masters
#3 Elaine Masters 2016-01-30 22:43
I would love to see Uluru. It's so remote that I may only see it from an airplane as you show. Gorgeous pictures.
#2 Sue 2016-01-30 21:54
What a wonderful collection of travel photos. I love your colors and composition. Nicely done!
Monica @WTravelToget
#1 Monica @WTravelToget 2016-01-30 20:37
Love the photos :) So colorful! We’re actually going to Australia next week and will spend a month there, and we have a plan to drive to Uluru too.

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