Late in the 16th century, King Zygmund III moved the capital of Poland from Krakow to Warsaw, transforming this small centre of trade into the centre of the Renaissance and Europe’s biggest empire. Later Warsaw spent many years under the Soviet Union rule. Now it is a frontrunner, a country that has been rebuilding itself successfully for several decades. During your visit, take the opportunity to discover the city’s astonishing architectural diversity. The Lazienki Royal Palace and the Wilanów Palace are brilliant representatives of the 17th century architecture, while the Palace of Culture and Science was constructed under the principles of eclectic socialist realism. Make the most of your trip to Warsaw, following in the footsteps of Chopin, the great composer who grew up and lived in the Polish capital. The city’s many parks and gardens invite you to enjoy the pleasures of life in Poland during your stay in Warsaw.

21 castle square warsaw 1260766

Here is my one day itinerary for your inspiration to get the most out of your stay in Warsaw.


Start your day by walking around Krakowskie Przedmieście from Nicolaus Copernicus monument towards the Castle Square.

10 copernicus monument warsaw 1260272Notice the Hotel Bristol, built around 1900, the place where the most influential people of the early 20th century stayed and dined. The hotel has since then been renovated, but you can still feel the atmosphere of the older days inside, including the hotel rooms.

11 hotel bristol warsaw 1260317

Admire the impressive Presidential Palace. The Palace was constructed in the middle of the 17th century and housed the Koniecpolski family, so it has been called the Koniecpolski Palace. Later the Radziwills lived here, so one might still hear people talking about the Radziwill Palace. Since 1994 it has been the official residence of the Polish President.

12 presidental palace warsaw 1260333

Listen to Chopin’s music, pressing buttons on one of the 15 Chopin benches located across the street from the Presidential Palace. In 1818, 8-year old Fryderyk delivered his first public performance there. In 2010, on the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth, Warsaw honored its most distinguished citizen by unveiling a walking route consisting of multimedia benches playing Chopin’s music.

13 chopin bench warsaw 1260784

Arrive at Castle Square for your 2 hour free walking Old Town tour by Orange umbrella tours. Orange umbrella guides have been doing tours of Warsaw for 5 years. The guides focus on stories rather than history and want to surprise you with their style of guiding.14 orange umbrella warsaw 1260748

The Old Town is a must-see on any visit to Warsaw. It has to be one of the newest ‘old towns’ in Europe. Famously re-built from the ruins after WWII, this place oozes charm and tranquility. The highlights of the tour: leaving the Castle Square behind you, head off along the quiet cobbled streets. The Market Square, with its renaissance buildings, is not to be missed. Even by the Old Town’s standards, this square is surprisingly quiet and has a cosy feel to it.

15 market square warsaw 1260444

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Exploring the quieter streets and alleyways will throw up all sorts of unexpected sights. The Warsaw Barbican is one of few remaining relics of the complex network of historic fortifications that once encircled Warsaw. Located between the Old and New Towns, it is a major tourist attraction.

17 barbican warsaw 1260467

12.00-13.00 Visit the Royal Palace, enjoying the many authentic interior details that have survived.

18 royal palace warsaw 1260362

19 royal castle interior warsaw 1260483

20 royal castle interior warsaw 1260508

Open Tu-Sa 10-18, Su 11-18-free. Monday closed.


13.00-13.30 Marvel at the most beautiful views of Warsaw from a viewing terrace on the tower of St. Anne's Church next to the Royal Castle.

30 castlesquare warsaw 1260765Open May to October:
Monday – Friday 10:00 - 21:00, Saturday – Sunday 11:00 - 22:00

13.30-14.30 Lunch at Zapiecek restaurant at Krakowskie Przedmieście 55. Tasting polish pierogi.

22 zapiecek warsaw 126074014.30-14.45 Going to The Royal Łazienki Park by bus 116 or 180.
Lazienki originates from the time after 1764, where Poland's last elective King acquired the nearby Ujazdowskie castle. A number of mainly Italian painters and architects were commissioned to create a Royal Summer Residence. During the years to come, a landscape park took form, together with a Summer Palace, Amphitheatre, Orangery, and pavilions.24 lazienki warsaw 126060125 lazienki warsaw 126061026 lazienki warsaw 126063027 lazienki warsaw 1260662

23 lazienki warsaw 1260567Strictly speaking, Lazienki is a museum, but personally I consider it a park. As city parks go, Lazienki is a gem. Each step in the park takes you further away from the city bustle. Lazienki has everything you would expect from a city park, including a superb central lake and free Chopin concerts during the summer. You begin to fathom the scale of this park as you come across its numerous attractions. Even on a busy weekend, it is still easy enough to find a quiet shady nook or wander the well-tended lawns and winding paths in relative isolation.

28 mandarine duck lazienki warsaw 1260692A one-day Lazienki pass includes a visit to the Palace on the isle, the old orangery, the Royal theatre, Myslewicki Palace, and the white pavilion. Sights open every day 9-17.30, with free admission on Thursdays.
If you go back to the Nowy Świat Street after your Lazienki visit, I recommend having a dinner in a Polish national style restaurant Specjaly Regionalne at Nowy Świat street 44.

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Have you been to Warsaw? What would you recommend including in a one-day itinerary? Share in the comments section.

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The night life in Poland is a reason to take a separate trip for this exact purpose. There aren’t many nations that can party like Poles. The best thing I remember from my trip to this country is the New Orleans club in Warsaw. Beautiful women, very good choice of alcohols and a chance to eat awesome food are among just few of the advantages of that place. For my vacation I’m going there again.
It takes at least few days to properly tour Warsaw. One could admire the amazing architecture, learn something about the rich history of Poland and see its cultural material. You definitely won’t get bored here because there’s quite a lot of places worth visiting. Then in the evenings, it’s hard to find a better place to party than the capital’s downtown. My choice turned out to be the New Orleans club where I was surrounded by awesome dancers. If you happen to be there some day, I really recommend it.
Lazienki Park is my favorite attraction in Warsaw, I could spend days there! Also, I can totally agree with Anna - I went to the Akademia Restaurant during my last trip, as I have seen many very good reviews and I was not disappointed. The food was fresh and really delicious, and the overall atmosphere of that place wa so nice! Can't wait to go to Warsaw again, hang out in Lazienki and have a dinner in Akademia - that would be a perfect day for me!
Amazing pictures! Just few weeks ago I have visited my friends in Warsaw, and as always the trip was great! I love visiting this city, it is definitely one of my favorite ones in Europe :) I really like exploring all the hidden spots and fantastic cozy bars and pubs to chill with my friends in the evenings. Our favorite spot so far is a bar called Bubbles Bar & Restaurant. It is very cozy and casual, the atmosphere of this place is amazing. And they serve really delicious food and champagnes!
Great photos and really nice guide! I really like visiting Warsaw, in my opinion it is one of the nicest European cities, even though it is very often underrated. For ma a typical Polish dinner is a must during my every trip - i just love Polish food! The one place in Warsaw that I love going to every time is a restaurant called the Akademia. It is a very nice, elegant place with delicious modern version of Polish dishes. Everything I have ever had there was always excellent and incredibly delicious :)
Spectacular images of vivid colors and great architecture. Seems like a walk through Warsaw equates to a truly beautiful day.
Wow! These pictures have really inspired me to push Poland up in my travel list. Lavish palaces, spotless squares, exotic peacocks and tempting cafes. And what is that gorgeous vibrant bird in the second-last picture??
This is a wonderful itinerary for Warsaw, the old city in the morning and Lazienki park in the afternoon. Your pictures really bring out the colour of the historic buildings of Warsaw.
This city looks so beautiful and well architect. Royal Palace is mind blowing from inside. such good itinerary you have suggested. great work..
I fell in love with Poland the first time I stepped into the country. I've never been to Warsaw, but I would love to go. Reading this itinerary made me feel like I was almost there!
Gokul Raj
What an iconic city with so much city. Must say this place has a magnificent and colorful architecture.
I have a lot of Polish friends but have never been to the country for some reason. Definitely need to change that. Thank you for a wonderful day itinerary and your photos really bring the city alive. Have also heard a lot about Polish food and the Park does look like a place you can spend a whole afternoon at.
Your pictures are stunning! I followed you on Instagram so I can see more! I don't know if I'll ever make it to Warsaw, but I would love to see the architecture in person.

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