Rendezvous Hotel Auckland

P1310121It was my first stay after arrival to NZ. My flight landed early in the morning and arrived at the hotel just after 8 a.m. I was really happy to hear at the reception that my room was ready. I enjoyed the room interior and very much liked the availability of a coffee press and coffee. I love to have my own coffee in the bed in the morning. I also used the swimming pool which was a nice opportunity. Only the locker room area seemed to be small and not well equipped. Breakfast was not included in my room rate. Overall very nice stay, happy for the very early check in and a nice room. Definitely would stay there again. Stayed here for one night on December 1, 2014. Booked on their own website for 169.00 NZD.


  • Published by Anita on December 12, 2015
  • Traveled December 2014

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