How to spend a day in Ioannina, Greece

On my trip on Greece mainland from Thessaloniki to Vikos Gorge and then Meteora, Ioannina was quite a logical stop. Ioannina is the capital of Epirus, a region in the northwest part of Greece. It’s located on the bank of Lake Pamvotis at 500 m altitude. Epirus was a long time a part of Ottoman Empire and after liberation at the end of 19th century became a part of modern Greece. Ioannina is worth exploring, so here are things I did in Ioannina for your travel inspiration.

Stroll through the old town

To begin with, just stroll through the streets of the old town of Ioannina with colourful houses and enjoy its famous spoon sweets at a picturesque cafe or relax after your trip at the fashionable cafes by the lake. 14 ioannina greece 1300229

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Visit the castle

The castle is located in a walled part of Ioannina covering 8 hectares (20 acres) of area. The imposing castle of Ioannina was built in the 6th century by Byzantine Emperor Justinian. It is the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece with significant influence over the history of the town that grew around it. Ali Pasha (1740 –1822), an Ottoman Albanian ruler, lived there. He served as pasha of the Ottoman Empire's European territories. He ruled over greater Epirus for 30 years. The castle is divided into four sections: the outer wall, the north western citadel with the Aslan Mosque, the southeast citadel of Itch-Kale (interior fortress) and the actual castle town - the old, walled town of Ioannina. The palace of Ali Pasha was situated in Itch-Kale in the 19th century. Today you can pay a visit to the Byzantine Museum holding a substantial collection of coins, sculptures, and other artefacts, see Fetiche Mosque (end of the 18th century) built and renovated by Ali Pasha, and make a stop by his grave. You can also stop by Agion Anargyron Church. The well-preserved building with chimneys once housed the kitchens of Itch-Kale.19 ioannina greece 130022821ioannina greece 130019922ioannina greece 130020023ioannina greece 130020325ioannina greece 130020628ioannina greece 130021329ioannina greece 1300215Then go to the lake shore to board a boat to Island.

Take a boat ride to the island

Enjoy views of the Pamvotis (the great provider) lake, one of the oldest lakes in the world. The surface area of the lake is 23 km2, with its deepest point at 5 metres. Located at the foot of Mount Mitsikeli, the lake has two main features: a dream-like peninsula with its historic castle and towering minarets, and the small island – the only island in mainland Greece to be inhabited and have no name. You enter the boat and the small trip begins. 31 ioannina greece 130023232 ioannina greece 130024634 ioannina greece 130037335 ioannina greece 130024135 ioannina greece 130036038 ioannina greece 1300353

First, you notice the ever-changing views of the surrounding mountains that come closer and closer as they are mirrored in the lake. The horizon grows; the water and the sky are deep blue.

Have a stroll on the island

It’s only a short boat ride to the Island, but once there, you’ll have to walk. With no cars at all, a walk in a charming traditional village with cobbled streets will calm your soul. The island has many tourist shops and restaurants, so it’s a good place to buy souvenirs or sip Greek coffee.40ioannina greece 130024941ioannina greece 130025042ioannina greece 130025743ioannina greece 130025844 ioannina greece 130029645 ioannina greece 130029846 ioannina greece 1300427Just a short walk up the hill, you'll find panoramic views of the lake that will offer you an awesome experience! 47 ioannina greece 1300326

Visit island monasteries

Make sure you visit the Byzantine monasteries that all have wonderful frescoes. There are five monasteries on the island. Just remember that most of them are open only from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.53ioannina greece 130030354ioannina greece 130031255ioannina greece 130031957ioannina greece 1300325

Learn about Ali Pasha in the museum

Then take some time to learn about Ali Pasha, the Lion of Epirus. In the Ali Pasha Museum, arranged to resemble a traditional Ioannina home of the period, you’ll learn the whole story that ended with his assassination in the monastery of Agios Panteleimon. Ali Pasha with his wife Vasiliki and a few loyal servants fled to the small island in 1822. However, he was tracked down by the soldiers and killed. His head was sent to the Sultan. On the floor of the museum you can see the holes of the bullets, while its rooms are decorated with objects of that era.59 ioannina greece 130026560 ioannina greece 130026862 ioannina greece 130027463 ioannina greece 130027564 ioannina greece 130028465 ioannina greece 1300349After your museum visit, it’s time to go back to Ioannina for a meal.

Have a meal at restaurant number 1 of Ioannina

Metsovitiki folia (Metsovo nest) offers super tasty Greek food. According to TripAdvisor, it is #1 of 165 restaurants in Ioannina. The restaurant is a traditional souvlaki place! "Souvlaki" in Greek basically means "small skewer." Souvlaki is small chunks of pork (or chicken) on a wooden stick, roasted on top of the charcoal. You can hold a stick with your hand. The small chunks can also be removed from the stick and put inside a pita. Also, try the great Greek salad and "handmade" French fries!69 ioannina greece 130041370ioannina greece 130039871ioannina greece 130039973ioannina greece 130040476ioannina greece 1300409

The restaurant is located on the roadside next to the main street, close to the main gate of the castle. If you want to try something out of the usual "tourist trap Greek restaurants", I highly recommend it!
Address Averof 101, Ioannina

After a great meal, take a well-deserved rest.

Stay at hotel Antique

It’s a small luxury hotel, housed in awesome, fully restored antique building in the historic centre of Ioannina. It is fully equipped with anything that a traveller wishes on a trip. The artworks of local artists, Persian carpets, fine Egyptian cotton linens and gorgeous bathrooms invite guests to an unforgettable stay in a place of top beauty and luxury with personalized service. The elegantly designed rooms at Hotel Antique provide guest with free Wi-Fi and smart TV, besides other things.81 ioannina greece 130017683 ioannina greece 130017885 ioannina greece 1300421Guests can enjoy a tasty breakfast in the inner courtyard if the weather permits that.91ioannina greece 1300425Address: Neoptolemou 8, Ioannina


Have you been to mainland Greece? Share your impressions in the comments section.

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    Ioannina is one of the most beautiful towns in mainland Greece. Don't miss to make a road trip to Zagorochoria, a complex of 70 stone-built villages that are located within 1-2 hours from Ioannina.
    Such a quaint old town! Can't believe I've never heard of Ioannina. Constantly keep seeing pictures of Mykonos and Crete. It's such a refreshing change to see something a bit lesser known. Loved the Byzantine fortress!
    Isn't mainland Greece incredible? I did a trip through this amazing country a couple of years ago. I'm not sure how I missed this adorable little town. If I ever make it back I'll have to check it out. But I also still need to go see the Islands!
    I absolutely love your photos! And I would now love to wander the streets of Ioannina after reading your post. I've never been there but it reminds me of other places in Greece. Especially the orthodox church looks spectacular.
    I want to visit Greece so badly. This summer I hope to use all your tips for planning my journey :)
    This is a Greek city I haven't heard of before! I want to go to Greece so bad but I feel like there's so many cities to see and not enough time!
    Didn't know about this place at all. So beautiful. Would definitely want to visit it. Everyone knows of Oia, Mulina etc, but this looks untouched still
    Impressive you did all this in 1 day!! Great tips and pics as always.
    You know, I've never heard of this city in Greece, but after reading and seeing these pictures I kind of want to go. I think the monasteries interest me the most, but the scenery is also so beautiful! Is this a tourist area or something with more of a local feel?

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