Trakai: a great day trip from Vilnius

Trakai is the most popular day trip from Vilnius, Lithuania. Trakai Castle is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country. It is located less than 30 kilometres from the capital city. Of course, Trakai castle is the main attraction; still, there are a few other things to see in the area. Here you go!

Trakai castle

The lake town of Trakai is the historical capital of Lithuania. It boasts being not only the pride of the town but of the entire Lithuania – the only castle in Eastern Europe built on an island. The Castle was honoured with the visits of Danish Queen Margaret II, Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia, the presidents of Hungary, Estonia, Greece, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Poland, Macedonia, Portugal, Ukraine and Uzbek among many others.11 trakai lithuania 1280291

Brief history of the castle

The magnificent Trakai castle complex built on the Galve Lake island became a residential place for the dukes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 14th century. The Gothic style castle was comprised of a palace built by medieval masters, and a donjon – a residential tower. These buildings were surrounded by a high, solid defensive wall with the Galvė Lake waters behind it. The castle lost its political power when the capital of the Grand Duchy was moved from Trakai to Vilnius. In the 16th century, the castle was turned into a prison and noble prisoners of war were detained here. In 1962, the restored castle was passed to Trakai History Museum. At present, the castle is home to the museum, often hosting mediaeval tournaments, various concerts and craft days. Some events such as Pilėnai opera performance are held in the castle courtyards now and then.

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Užutrakis manor

Užutrakis Manor and Park are located in Trakai Historical National Park, on the peninsula between the Galvė and Skaistis Lakes. There is no bridge to Užutrakis and thus a 6 km detour from Trakai is needed. The Užutrakis Manor ensemble was created in early 20th century by count Józef Tyszkiewicz and his wife. The Tyszkiewicz family owned Užutrakis Manor until the beginning of World War II. It is a neoclassicism style two storey palace with a terrace, a regular shape building with four monumental facades, designed by a famous Polish architect Jozef Hus.20 trakai lithuania 128018921 trakai lithuania 1280197

Not less famous is the Užutrakis Manor Park, designed by the world famous French landscape architect and botanist E.F. Andre. Užutrakis Park has an extraordinary collection of herbs, rich both in native and foreign trees and shrubs.22 trakai lithuania 128022023 trakai lithuania 1280171

 Currently, there is an art museum in Užutrakis Manor. The manor and the park are also used for various events. Many concerts take place there in summer. Enjoy unsurpassed views of the Galve lake and Trakai castle!

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Angel Hill

Close to Užutrakis Manor stands a hill, decorated with wooden angel sculptures. Hill of Angels was created in 2009. Every angel sculpture is funded by a different institution or family. The prayers of people visiting the hill are listened to by 25 magnificent oak angels, symbolizing Love, Faith, Hope, and Peace of Mind, Strength of the Spirit, Health and other Christian values. Now, every visitor of the Hill of Angels can bring his/her angel to this hill. Some like to hang smaller angels of their desires on metal “daisies” made just for this purpose. Others settle their guardian angel right under the most appealing sculpture of an angel.30 trakai lithuania 128023131 trakai lithuania 128022932 trakai lithuania 128022333 trakai lithuania 1280227

What else to see in Trakai?

In the Middle Ages Trakai was a multicultural colony. Karaims, a certain Turkish ethnicity, consider Trakai their homeland. Make sure to try their meals, mostly a variety of kibinai. You can taste the Karaim kibinai (hot pastry with meat inside) and krupnik (a 38% alcoholic beverage) in most local restaurants.40 trakai castle lithuania 1460991You may choose according to your taste and lick your fingers. Additionally, you may visit the Karaim museum. Moreover, the lakes that surround Trakai invite you to go swimming, yachting, water biking, boating...You can also visit the wetlands located near Trakai. Ask for more information and directions in Trakai tourism information centre.

Trakai travel tips

The town is easy to reach from Vilnius by car, by train or by bus. Buses to Trakai run at intervals of about 10–20 minutes. If you come by car during the tourist season, be prepared to parking troubles in the centre. If you are choosing a date in the summertime, come on weekdays, especially if you go by car from Vilnius. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of time in a traffic jam.TrakaiVilniusLithuaniaHave you been to Lithuania or Baltic countries? What are your favorite sightseeing spots? Share in the comments section!

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You know about this place and it looks interesting. thanks for sharing it. I am definitely remembering to check it out when I go to Vilnius
I'll admit that Lithuania has not been on my radar for a visit. However, Trakai looks like a beautiful place to visit and it doesn't look crowded at all, which makes it my kind of place to visit. I love the surrounding landscape and how lush it looks. Paddleboarding or boating look like perfect activities to go along with visiting Trakai Castle and Užutrakis manor.
Trakai looks so beautiful! You pictures just make me want to be there now! Thank you for sharing your post :)
Sailing, stand-up paddling, and kayaking on a beautiful river fronting a historic castle. You couldn't ask for more! We would definitely love this place. Angel Hills is nice too; it would be pretty cool to trek the pathway and admiring the sculptures.
I love your photos!!! They really make Trakai look like the place nobody should miss! I'd love to visit the Angel Hill and check out those oak statues. Užutrakis Manor also seems like an ideal place to have one's wedding photographs taken ^_^
I love Trakai Castle! I was there few years ago when I was in school trip to Vilnius! My grandmother is from Vilnius so it was amazing trip! I would love to go back one day and explore more of places like Trakai! Looks so beautiful over there!
What a beautiful destination. I'm a huge castle fan, like most girls are lol. This looks like a lovely and romantic place. I need to make a visit to Vilnius.
I love Trakai and I love the location of the castle. Its such a great place to explore. I also love walking along the lakeside/riverside (I cant remember if its a river or a lake now) in the summer months and it was so peaceful. This is a must for anyone visiting Vilnius :)

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