Vilnius Christmas tree and things to do in Vilnius in December

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is an especially festive place during the months of December when Christmas and New Year are approaching. Since 2015, Vilnius has become renowned for its Christmas trees, as The Guardian listed them as one of the most beautiful in the world. This reputation has only grown with the trees of the following years, resulting in an increased number of visitors to the city in December in anticipation of the newest tree. If you are planning a trip to Vilnius in December, plenty of activities can be done in one day to get a sense of the Christmas spirit of the city. 63vilnius christmas 1360515

1) Visit Christmas markets

Vilnius usually has two main Christmas markets in the city: two of the city’s main squares, namely Cathedral Square and Town Hall Square that can easily be visited within a few hours. But that’s not all. There is an array of smaller markets located all around the city. Look for handmade gifts, special Christmas treats and warm drinks. Town Hall Square is lined with picturesque market stalls, making it great for photos.10vilnius christmas market 136030014vilnius christmas 136030211vilnius christmas market 136032515vilnius christmas market 1360327

The biggest Christmas market in Vilnius is centred around the main Christmas tree at Cathedral Square. Vendors here typically sell seasonal staples like herbal teas, mulled wine and pastries, but you can also pick up gifts and Lithuanian souvenirs to take home with you.12vilnius christmas market 136047813vilnius christmas market 1360490

2) Attend a concert

There are many options in Vilnius because of music festivals held in December. I guess to get a Christmas feel, a sacred music concert could be one of the best choices. I would recommend going to St. Casimir’s Church on Didžioji Gatve where you can do both: admire the church interior and listen to music. They have a tradition of organising free concerts on Sundays. Check the event calendar of events in the city to be 100% sure.19vilnius christmas market 1360294

23vilnius christmas concert 136028624vilnius christmas concert 13602903) Visit Presidential Palace square

Daukanto Square is dominated by the classical building from the end of the 18th century: a former nobleman’s house and the present-day Office of the President.30vilnius christmas concert 1360397Every day at 18.00 you can see the changing of the guards at the Presidential Palace. If you happened to be there on Sunday at 12:00, watch a flag raising ceremony done by Honour Guards of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in medieval armament, dressed in ceremonial uniforms. If you are in Vilnius on Friday or Saturday, apply for a free tour of the Presidential Palace. During the tour, visitors can see the interior of the historical building and even visit the office of the President. If you are not there at any of the times mentioned above, just visit Christmas market stalls and warm your hands at the fireplaces in the middle of the square and look around carefully: maybe the President is nearby so you have an opportunity for a photo together.31vilnius christmas concert 136034435vilnius christmas market 1360341

34vilnius christmas market 13603814) Walk up to the Three Crosses monument

Walk uphill to the Three Crosses monument to look at the city in Christmas lights from above. Some say that the origins of the three crosses date back to the 17th century when three monks placed them there to pay tribute to a group of fellow monks who were martyred in the 14th century. According to history books, seven monks were killed and seven were tied to wooden crosses and floated down the Neris River, with the instruction to return to the west where they came from. The monument has stood here at least since the 17th century. In 1916, three enormous crosses were erected at this site and were a symbol of the city before the Soviets blew them up in 1950. Pieces of crosses still remain on the far side of the hill slope. The current monument was built by architect and sculptor Kestutis Šilgalis in 1989 when the Soviet Union began to collapse. There are two ways to reach the statue – if you come here by one path, go back via the other.41vilnius christmas concert 136040345vilnius christmas concert 136041747vilnius christmas concert 136041648vilnius christmas concert 136041049vilnius christmas 1360407

5) Ride the Christmas train

The Vilnius Christmas Train has become somewhat of a Christmas tradition in the Lithuanian capital, and you are welcome to join a ride around the festive Vilnius! The train “station” is located next to Cathedral Square, on the opposite side of the road, Šventaragio Street 1. Trains depart more than once an hour and the duration of the trip is about 45 minutes. 55vilnius christmas 1360558

6) Admire the Christmas tree

Each year the main Vilnius Christmas tree is lit in the heart of the city, Vilnius Cathedral Square. Actually, the capital of Lithuania has two big Christmas Trees – one in the Cathedral Square and the other next to the Town Hall. The main Christmas Tree of 2017 had an amazing height of 27 meters, 900 Christmas toys on it and a total of 70,000 illuminating light bulbs. In total, the whole Christmas Tree covered 2,500 square meters. It is said that this year’s Vilnius Christmas Tree is so bright that it is visible to the naked eye for everyone flying over the capital city of Lithuania. 63vilnius christmas 136051567vilnius christmas 136046268vilnius christmas 1360599

7) Buy Lithuanian Christmas cookies kuciukai

Literally, their name means “Christmas Eve cookies” in Lithuanian. You can purchase them in any supermarket to bring them home as an edible souvenir. Kūčiukai are small bits of dough with poppy seeds. In local homes, they’re baked before Christmas Eve dinner in copious amounts and then consumed within a few weeks until everyone’s sure they won’t miss them before next Christmas.70kuciukai 136061174kuciukai 1360639You can also use Christmas cookies to predict the future on Christmas night. Grab a handful of kūčiukai and then count them. If the number is even, you’ll find a partner or get married in the next year. If it’s odd you have tough luck, maybe it will happen the year after next.75kuciukai 1360641What Christmas tree do you admire most? Where is it located? Share this in the comments section.

Looking where to feel a Christmas spirit in Europe? Try Vilnius, Lithuania! The Guardian listed Vilnius Christmas tree among the most beautiful ones in the world  in 2015. Check how beautiful it will be this year!  #Christmastravel #Christmasmarket #wintertravel #Europetravel #visitLithuania #travelphotography #travelblog #Europeinwinter

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    I've visited Kaunas and really liked it, would love to go back and see more of Lithuania! #blogpostsaturd ay
    Lovely post! We've not yet visited Lithuania but the country is very high on our list. I've never considered visiting it at Christmas time but your post planted a seed in my mind. Why not at Christmas? The city looks magical. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Wow, that Christmas tree is beautiful! I was in Vilnius in March, and it was cold and snowing. I really enjoyed it and immediately started saying I needed to visit again in summer. Maybe I need to change that and visit in December instead!
    Your photos are stunning! Looks like an amazing place to go during Christmas. Also, I want those socks. :)
    I love Christmas markets! I have never been in Vilnius, but I would like to visit and try those cookies. :)

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