P1330224Can you imagine that geyser eruption can be started with a washing powder? Yes, it is true. The prisoners of the first open prison established in 1901 at Waiotapu first discovered the clearing in which the geyser is situated and that the spring could be made to erupt by adding soap, It was discovered when they first added soap to the hot water to wash their clothes. It is was how the history of this geyser started. It was named after Lady Constance Knox, the second daughter of Uchter Knox, 15th Governor of New Zealand. The geyser is induced to erupt daily at 10:15 am by dropping a surfactant into the opening of the vent. Eruptions produce a jet of water reaching up to 20m and can last for over an hour, depending on the weather. The visible spout is made of rocks placed around the base of the spring to enhance the eruption; over the years silica from the eruptions has built up to give a white cone-shaped appearance. I attended that as the first thing of my day tour of Wai-O-Tapu and Waiomangu Volcanic areas by HeadFirst Travel.

  • Published by Anita on December 8, 2015
  • Traveled December 2014

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