Do you know where in the world you can find the largest mural created by one artist? You might think Rio de Janeiro but I would argue that it is Minsk, Belarus. It was created by Brazilian artist Ramon Martins at Oktjabrskaja Street and covers more than 3000 square meters. But let me start from the very beginning.

Street art in Minsk

It is quite a new thing because it only started in 2014 when the first international street art festival Vulica Brazil took place. The organiser of the festivals for three consecutive years has been the embassy of Brazil in Minsk. During this time, artists have come up with impressive pieces of street art for different parts of Minsk, largely accumulated on Oktjabrskaja (Kastrinickaja) street. You can easily spend the whole morning or afternoon admiring the work of both Brazilian and Belarusian urban artists there.18 minsk street art belarus 1200512

You can reach this great outdoor exhibition hall by just walking down Lenina Street from the city center. Turn right when you are on the second side street after crossing Uljanova Street or take the underground to Persamaiskaja station.

Murals at Oktjabrskaja street

The first piece of street art you see when you get to Oktjabrskaja street is the portrait of Count Chapskij on building number 16, done by Belarussian artist Sergej Izum in 2015. Chapskij was an important personality in the history of Minsk and that’s why he is depicted there.11 minsk street art belarus 1200536

10 minsk street art belarus 1200541

Next is a work of Rogerio Fernandes from Brazil called Love of Frida Kalo and Vincent van Gog, 2014. It is followed by the painting ‘Legends of Belarus’ by Belarusian artists Jevgenij Cowek and Julija Stratovic.

12 minsk street art belarus 120053114 minsk street art belarus 120053015 minsk street art belarus 120052016 minsk street art belarus 1200551And what is probably the biggest mural in the world by one artist is placed on building 19/5 at Oktjabrskaja street, done by Brazilian artist Ramon Martins. It covers more than 3000 square meters. He made a collage of endangered animals of Belarus, including deer and bison, the Belarusian symbol. It looks very colourful and impressive.

17 minsk street art belarus 120051519 minsk street art belarus 120060920 minsk street art belarus 1200506On the front piece of the same building you can find a mural of Imai Yusk, reflecting a mystic Brazilian-Japanese sensitivity.

21 minsk street art belarus 1200494There are several smaller size works on your way forward and also beautifully painted fences all around. Did you notice that even bird houses are painted in bright colors?

22 minsk street art belarus 120050723 minsk street art belarus 1200547Moving forward, you get to building 50 at Lenina Str. Some say that it is Oktjabrskaja 25, but it’s hard to miss in any case: it’s a big building covered with at least three different murals. There’s the black and white one by Brazilian artist Speto, a beautiful bird by L7M from Brazil and a mural in the manner of fantasy surrealism by Belarussian artist Bazinato.

24 minsk street art belarus 120048625 minsk street art belarus 120047526 minsk street art belarus 1200477When you’ve finished your mural walk, there’s a great opportunity to conquer your hunger and thirst at Oktjabrskaja Str. 23 by choosing one of the three options: Enzo (steaks and burgers), Lauka (sandwiches and coffee) and Depo (a regular café). The atmosphere of the district will follow you there. I chose Enzo and was not disappointed.

27 minsk street art belarus 1200558

28 minsk street art belarus 1200561

29 minsk street art belarus 1200587

Other places to see street art in Minsk

Engels Street 34а: the Yellow Giant
Take the chance to see this cute giant not far from Oktjabrskaja Street This as a work of Os Gemeos, which means “the twins” in Portuguese: Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo from Brazil. They painted the first giant in Athens, later in the New York City. Then came gigantic murals in Boston, Berlin, and Lisbon, then Minsk in 2015. Besides the giant, there are also girls depicted on the wall.

30 minsk street art belarus 120044831 minsk street art belarus 1200454Nemiga Street 30
A mural of Rafael Sagarra ala Finok from São Paulo. In his urban work, he makes extensive use of Brazilian folklore characters and sketches of everyday life against the backdrop of bizarre patterns. He uses distinctive shapes - kites, balloons, baskets and Portuguese tiles. His works are located in Cologne, Milan, Lisbon, New York and now in Minsk. The mural is done as the cultural mix that makes up Brazil, its cultural core being influences from around the world.

32 minsk street art belarus 120044233 minsk street art belarus 1200445Fabricnaja Street 22
A girl growing into adulthood by Valter Tihno Nomuro, Brazil.

33 minsk street art belarus 1200463On the other side of the same building, there’s a work of Jevgenij Mutus (Belarus), depicting a man getting high up and leaving garbage behind him.

34 minsk street art belarus 1200457

Kalinina Street 1
A mural of rare species of owls by Alesj Kontra from Belarus.

36 minsk street art belarus 1200612Kalvarijskaja 7
Tjago Toes from Brazil turned the wall of a department of the National bank of Belarus into a starry sky.

37 minsk street art belarus 1200434

You can make this tour as a part of your five days visa-free trip to Belarus. Find out more about it by clicking this link. Read more about sightseeing in Minsk clicking this link!

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The largest mural created by one artist is in Minsk, Belarus. It was created by Brazilian artist Ramon Martins at Oktjabrskaja Street and covers more than 3000 square meters. Read more  about street art in Minsk! #streetart #travel #Belarus #Minsk #travelphotography #travelblog

What are your favourite places to admire street art? Share in the comments section!

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    This a great street art. So colorful. Would love to visit one day.
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    Glad to be one of many visitants on this amazing web site :
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    Wow, I definitely have to visit Minsk! I didn't know that the street art community was so big over there. That's always a great way to visit a city, walking through the streets looking at amazing murals! thanks a lot for sharing, I'm very curious about Minsk now!
    #11 neha 2017-03-26 08:16
    I have seen street art at many places. In fact I love street art. But the one in minsk looks so different. And so vibrant. Haven't seen anything like this. When I head here, I would like to cover as much of these pretty streets with interesting street cards as possible
    Ana Rose | Roads and
    #10 Ana Rose | Roads and 2017-03-24 00:46
    The street arts were really impressive. I admire the hands of those who did it. Those arts are really picture-perfect. It has the power to catch one's attention in an instant.
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    Wow....the art has made this place look so colorful. I love this one......
    Anthony Jury
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    I love street art! What a little gem this place is! I especially love the Hummingbird and the Deer. street art like this just brightens anywhere up!
    Joaquim Miro
    #6 Joaquim Miro 2017-03-20 09:39
    Never heard that Minsk had such amazing murals before. I come from Montreal which has a pretty great mural scene as well, but wow those look massive!! I will have to go and check it out for myself :)
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