Belarus road trip from Minsk to Brest in pictures

Have a car and want to travel Belarus? One of the best options is to take a road trip from Minsk to Brest or from Brest to Minsk. The straight distance between the two cities is about 350 kilometres but because of the many sightseeing places on the way, most likely you will need at least two days to visit all the sights. So let’s begin our trip from Minsk in the direction of Brest. Check the links provided for more information about the sights on this route.10belarus 1250986

Day 1

Minsk to Mir Castle

Distance: 100 kilometres. Time: about 1, 5 hours.
Mir is a beautiful castle and different from anything else I have seen. The Mir Castle is truly the pearl of Belarusian architecture, included into UNESCO world heritage list. In its 500 years of history, the castle has experienced many moments of decline and revival and is today a national monument and the Art Museum of Belarus. You will need at least 1,5 hours to explore it. 13 mir castle belarus 1260679If you want to have your lunch in Mir, there is a restaurant in the castle or Cafe Mirum nearby, then just add at least half an hour to your schedule.

Mir to Nesvizh

Distance: 35 kilometres. Time: about 0, 5 hours.
Nesvizh Castle is one of the most beautiful sights of Belarus. It served as the residence of the richest family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – the Radziwills. The magnificent palace with a large landscape park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do not forget to visit 16th century baroque Corpus Christi Catholic Church where many members of the Radziwil family found their final resting place. You will need about 3 hours for a visit. 14 nesvizh castle belarus 125097115 belarus 1760551Then continue your way to your Gostiny Dvor Nekhachevo Hotel for dinner and overnight stay. Distance: 140 kilometres. Time: 1 hour 40 minutes.
Gostiny Dvor Nekhachevo Hotel is located in a 19th century building, and you will find a garden, barbecue facilities and a terrace there.16 belarus 125094017belarus 125090618belarus 1250913

Day 2

Gostiny Dvor Nekhachevo Hotel to Kossovo palace

Distance: 20 kilometres. Time: 20 minutes.
On your way, stop at the church where Polish national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko was christened. Then continue your way to Kossovo palace of the Puslovskys family. It is still under reconstruction but open to visitors. Next to the palace, there is the home of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, so take the time to see them both. You will need about 2 hours for your visit. 505belarus 176030121 belarus 176038722 belarus 1760325

Kossovo palace to Ruzhani palace

Distance: 25 kilometres. Time: 25 minutes. 

Ruzhani palace was built by Lev Sapieha, the famous tycoon and politician, in the early 17th century. Some parts of the palace are renovated, some are still in ruins but the site is very impressive anyway. You will need about 1 hour for your visit. 25belarus 1120039

Ruzhani palace to Pruzhani manor house

Distance: 50 kilometres. Time: 40 minutes.
This Italian style countryside villa in Pruzhani was designed by Polish architect F. Lanci for nobleman Valenty Shvykovsky in the middle of the 19th century. You will need about 1 hour for your visit. 26belarus 1120264

Pruzhani manor house to Kamenets

Distance: 55 kilometres. Time: 40 minutes.
Visit Kamenets Tower, one of the most famous attractions of Belarus. It is a fortified 30 meter high tower, built in the late 13th century on the northern border of Volhynia. This defensive tower is one of the oldest surviving stone structures on the territory of Belarus, and the only of this kind. You will need about 1 hour for your visit. 27 belarus 1260069

Kamenets to Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Distance: 25 kilometres. Time: 20 minutes.

If you are fond of nature and want to see Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, then it’s worth staying overnight there. For a brief visit, 2 hours would be enough.28 belarus 112083329belarus 1120798If you decide to go to Brest for your overnight stay, just go ahead.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park to Brest

Distance: 60 kilometres. Time: 50 minutes.
If you are lucky timewise, you might see the lamp lighting on Sovetskaja street in Brest at sunset.30belarus 1120322

Day 3

Explore Brest and visit the nearby Skoki manor house of the Nemtsevich family built in the late 18th century. Skokovsky manor and park ensemble is an example of the architecture of transition from baroque to classicism.31belarus 1120706Here our trip ends. Where to go next? You can go to Poland or back to Minsk or take a 3,5 hours drive to Grodno to explore more of Belarus and return to Minsk from there if needed.

Practical information

To enter Belarus driving your own car with a foreign license plate, you will need a visa, green card insurance for the car (the printed original on green paper), health insurance valid in Belarus and a device to pay for the toll roads, which are quite many in Belarus. If you want to make it easy for you then start and finish your trip flying to and from Minsk airport and rent a car. It will have Belarus number plates then. So you will be eligible for visa-free travel 30 days and will not need to pay tolls on tolls roads because this is an obligation for foreign cars only.41 belarus 176062640 belarus 1760622The fines for not paying are high, so ask for the closest place after crossing the border to buy it. Happy travels!

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What did you think? Have you been to Belarus? Or perhaps you’re thinking of visiting there in the near future? Either way, I’d love to hear from you so please add your comments below.

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    Don Warkentin
    Thank you for the great website Anita! I have traveled to Belarus four times and am using your website to plan my fifth visit next summer. I'm finding a lot of great information here as well as discovering places missed on previous journeys. The travel details you offer will be very helpful as I prepare a small group tour of Canadians into this often overlooked country.
    Hello Anita im also an old traveller.and old 84 years.i loved your articles.wish you health.konstantin
    Beautiful photos, as usual, Anita!
    Hi Anita, I've heard so many stories about Belarus being boring. Thanks to your blog post and pictures it has really brought it to life and looks like a country worth visiting. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I need ur help.a friend minsk made a priglasenie for me 2months. Can i enter and exit belarus to poland more times.spaciba dear Anita npFH
    We love a good road trip and have covered most of Europe except Ukraine and Belarus (and a couple of other places) so this is great to read. I'm always on the look out for inspiration. I find Belarus doesn't usually get good press but your photos are lovely and totally inspire me.
    I've never been to Belarus although it sure looks worth a visit. kx

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