Refreshing spa break at the Baltic Beach Spa

Considering a spa break in Europe? Come to Jurmala, Latvia, the biggest resort town in the Baltic States with 200 years of history. In my opinion, the SPAs of Jurmala deserve to be on nature hit Spas list, especially Baltic Beach Hotel - a 5 * SPA hotel with a unique location in the white sand dune area of the Baltic sea surrounded by pine wood. Not to forget the long years of experience of its professionals.2 baltic beach spa P1870627

History of Jurmala as a spa destination

Jūrmala's reputation as a spa and health spa destination began in the late 18th and early 19th century. The sea breeze, pine aroma, mineral springs, and sandy beach encouraged many sanatoriums to develop within the city. It was in Dubulti, now part of Jurmala, the narrowest place between the river and the sea, where in the early 19th century the first hotel and health resort in Riga's Jurmala was built. After the Russian-French War of 1812, bathers initially settled in fishermen's homes, but with the development of traffic infrastructure, first sanatoriums and warm seawater baths were established. At the end of the 18th century, the sulphur water springs of Kemeri became the focus of medical attention. After World War II, during the Soviet occupation, a series of sanatoriums were built in Kemeri, which welcomed patients throughout the year.

Baltic Beach Spa

Nowadays Jurmala has about 10 spa hotels, and Baltic Beach 5 stars Spa hotel has an exceptional place among them.1 baltic beach spa P1870614 It is one of the largest spas in Northern Europe with Latvian, Russian and English speaking staff. This medically certified Spa occupies an area of almost 5000 m2 and offers over 400 spa treatments and relaxation options, tailored to the individual needs of the clients. Guests have the opportunity to visit an authentic Russian bath with its healthy body treatments, or the water relaxation complex The Garden. The hotel has a 25 metre swimming pool with warm seawater in Latvia, the only one of its kind in Latvia.

I was kindly invited by the Latvian Health tourism cluster and Baltic Beach SPA to spend the first part of the day there to experience some of their best offers. When entering the Spa complex, I felt like entering another world of the beautiful and harmonious environment with soft lights and a lush interior. 5 baltic beach spa P18706396 baltic beach spa P1870644The receptionist brought me into the back and showed me to my locker. I found a robe, soft towels, and slippers waiting for me.
After changing and getting dressed in a swimming suit, I started with The Garden of Water Relaxation.

The Garden of Water Relaxation

The Garden Complex includes a succession of sauna and water treatments, complementing each other and restoring the body's energy balance. After experiencing different kinds of baths, I was invited to body peeling and manual soap foam massage on a warm marble table by a spa specialist. 3 baltic beach spa P18706364 baltic beach spa P1870638I experienced a real Turkish bath feeling, covered with a cloud of soap foam. This left my body light and rejuvenated. After this procedure, I had self-service treatment with an Alpine clay mask at Rasul Apartments East. I covered my body with the provided clay mask and spent some ten minutes in a special cabin to soak it in. It was something I experienced for the first time. After relaxing at the small but very nice pool, I was escorted for massage in another area of the spa complex.

Massage and face treatment

Pride of Baltic Beach Spa is a wide range of body care treatments - classic, Ayurveda massages, and aromatherapy. Spa beauty experts have undergone rigorous training and acquired the best practices. Massages and exfoliations are performed using classical methods that stimulate blood circulation and lymph circulation, which remove excess fluid and restore the body after physical and emotional tension. The Ayurveda massage affects the body on a physical and mental level and is done using warmed essential oils.

As a nice surprise, my massage specialist was from Thailand, and I was offered to choose from several massage options. I chose a foot massage combined with a neck and head massage. As I walk a lot and also spend long hours at the computer, the massages really relaxed those areas of my body and I was really impressed by the professionalism of the massage specialist.7 baltic beach spa P1870655

I finished my SPA visit with a face massage and treatment done using Valmont cosmetics from Switzerland. 8 baltic beach spa P1870666SPA Baltic Beach offers innovative professional cosmetics brands - Valmont from Switzerland, Menard from Japan, Gernetic from France, and Natinuel from Italy, for deep skin renewal. After the treatment, my face got a radiant look and had visible lifting. 9 baltic beach spa P1870678After all this, I was ready for lunch. The hotel offers a blend of Modern European and Italian cuisine in its View Restaurant & Lounge and il Sole restaurant. I had my lunch in the Italian iL Sole restaurant.

Restaurant il Sole

The cosy Il Sole restaurant with panoramic sea views, which I love so much, serves lunch in a peaceful and leisurely atmosphere. I had my favourite tomato soup and a light pasta dish complemented by a delicious white wine from Sicily. If you love Italian cuisine, it’s a place I would definitely recommend.11 baltic beach spa P187068210 baltic beach spa P187067912 baltic beach spa P187068713 baltic beach spa P1870688

Try Baltic Beach Spa yourself

So why not try the Baltic Beach Spa for a day or even stay at the hotel for a few days’ treatments? The hotel is only a 15 minute drive from Riga International Airport and half an hour from the centre of Riga. Address: Juras iela 23/25, Jurmala. Price-wise, the best offers are during late autumn and winter but if you want to enjoy the best weather in Jurmala, come during the summer. To check Baltic Beach Spa offers, just click this link.

Disclaimer: I was kindly invited as a guest by Baltic Beach SPA and Latvian Health tourism cluster. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own. I had a great time and I wish you the same! Happy travels!

For the best planning of your visit, also check out other things to do in Jurmala.

Like it? Pin it!Considering a SPA break in Europe? Come to Jurmala, Latvia, the biggest resort town in the Baltic States with 200 years of history. In my opinion, the SPAs of Jurmala deserve to be on the nature hit SPAs list, especially Baltic Beach Hotel - a 5 * SPA hotel with a unique location in the white sand dune area of the Baltic sea surrounded by pine wood. Not to forget the long years of experience of its professionals. #spaholidayseurope #balticbeachspa #visitLatvia #spatown #travelblog

What did you think? What is your favorite spa experience? Or perhaps you’re thinking of visiting one the near future? Either way, I’d love to hear from you so please add your comments below.

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