Self-guided walking tour of Berlin’s Spandau district

Spandau is the westernmost of the 12 boroughs of Berlin, situated at the confluence of the Havel and Spree rivers and extending along the western bank of the Havel. The people of Spandau are very proud of their district and prefer to call themselves Spandauers rather than Berliners because Spandau was an independent city for many hundreds of years, with its roots dating back to the 13th century when it was founded as a medieval fortress. In 1920, Spandau was incorporated into Greater Berlin as a borough. By the way, the first thing that comes to my mind about Spandau is a prison where seven top Nazi leaders convicted in the Nuremberg trials were kept. This prison does not exist anymore, so this page of history is closed. I invite you to check out what Spandau offers by taking this self-guided walking tour in the morning or afternoon. Direct train service from Berlin airport makes visiting Spandau easy. Let’s start with the impressive Spandau Town Hall building visible right after exiting the train station.

12 town hall spandau P1309620

Spandau Town Hall

With its 80-metre tower, this imposing building is one of Spandau’s most famous landmarks. The Rathaus Spandau was completed in 1913. Until 1920, when Spandau was incorporated into Greater Berlin, it was the city hall of the independent city of Spandau. The first floor of the building holds various exhibitions available to visitors.

Then continue your way to the Gothic House where a tourist information centre is located to get practical information about the landmarks of Spandau.

Gothic House

This late Gothic building, erected in the second half of the 15th century, is one of the most important medieval monuments in the entire Berlin.14 gothic house spandau P1309605 The well-preserved ribbed vaulted ceiling on the ground floor is the oldest part of the building. On the ground floor of the building is a tourist information centre and rooms for art and history exhibitions. The restoration of the house was completed in 1993.15 gothic house spandau P1309610 A branch of the Historical Museum of Spandau is housed on the upper floor. A tour of the thirteen rooms allows visitors to experience urban life over the course of the past several centuries.

Then go to St. Nicholas' Church.25 st nicholaus spandau P1309606

St. Nicholas' Church

St. Nicholas' Church on the Reformationsplatz was built in the 14th century. The importance of the church extends far beyond Spandau. In 1539, Elector Joachim II received communion in the form of bread and wine for the first time and converted to the Protestant faith, and from there, the Reformation spread to Brandenburg and Berlin.20 st nicholaus spandau P130936021 st nicholaus spandau P1309378 Nowadays, in addition to church services, St. Nicholas' Church hosts organ concerts.21 st nicholaus spandau P130938023 st nicholaus spandau P1309386

I hope you have already enjoyed walking through the old town.

Spandau’s Old Town

The lively old town is characterised by small shops, department stores, and restaurants. Stroll through the side streets and let yourself be enchanted by the historic buildings and old houses with colourful facades. The alleys and half-timbered houses in the old town possess small-town charm.32 old town spandau P130935533 old town spandau P130937934 old town spandau P1309396

Then continue your way in the direction of the Spandau Citadel and take a look at St. Marien am Behnitz on your way.

St. Marien am Behnitz

St. Marien am Behnitz is the oldest Catholic Church in Spandau. It was consecrated in 1848. Restored in 2003 by private owners, it is a registered monument used mainly for musical and literary events.39 st marien spandau 20230306 14022240 st marien spandau P1309412Then while crossing a bridge over the Havel River, look left to see the Spandau Lock.

Spandau Lock

The lock is located between the old town and the citadel on the main waterway between the centre of Berlin and Szczecin. 45 lock spandau P130942446 lock spandau P1309425An impressive sight is when boats try to overcome the two-metre rise between the upper and lower Havel. It is busiest during the summer months when about 170 boats pass the 150-metre-long lock every day. So it might be interesting to take some time and watch boats go through the lock.

Just a few minutes after crossing the bridge, turn left to the main entrance of the Spandau Citadel.51 citadel spandau P1309428

Spandau Citadel

The Spandau Citadel is one of the best-preserved Renaissance military structures in Europe. It stands on an area that was already fortified with a stone castle in the Middle Ages. Built in the late 16th century on an island near the meeting of the Havel and Spree rivers, the citadel was designed to protect the town of Spandau. It is a symmetrical complex with four bastions, surrounded by water. Today, the citadel is a cultural and historic island with a wide range of activities. In the summer, the citadel becomes an open-air concert stage that has hosted some music greats, including Stevie Wonder, Rammstein, the Beach Boys, and Lionel Richie.52 citadel spandau P130943653 citadel spandau P1309443

First of all, treat yourself to an impressive view by climbing the 13th-century fortified tower Juliusturm, the oldest building in Berlin.56 tower citadel spandau P1309574 I hope you will be luckier than me because the tower was closed to visitors during my visit.

Allocate time to visit museums and exhibition halls inside the citadel premises.

Castle and Citadel history exhibition in Commander’s House

In the historical rooms of the Commander’s House, there is an exhibition outlining the history of the castle and the fortress. It is the ideal starting point for finding out more about the citadel. Models, maps, paintings and photographs, archaeological finds, dioramas, weapons, and everyday objects belonging to the soldiers bring to life the historical events which have taken place in the citadel. A significant part of the exhibition is devoted to the wildlife in the area.

Spandau City History Museum

The armoury of the citadel houses the Spandau City History Museum. More than 300 objects tell the story of the settlement and development of Spandau.65 history museum spandau P1309446 Among the exhibition's highlights are objects representative of the local industry in the 1920s, which include a Hudson Essex car and a collection of historical Siemens small electrical appliances.66 history museum spandau P130946068 history spandau P1309455

Unveiled. Berlin and its Monuments

Since 2016, the former provisions depot has hosted the permanent exhibition Unveiled. Berlin and its Monuments. This exhibition offers an opportunity to see the symbols of the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, National Socialism, and the GDR, which are testimonies to German history. The political monuments brought from all over Berlin were once part of the urban landscape. Due to the political upheavals in the 20th century, monuments were removed from public spaces by the new governments. Now they have found their place in this intriguing exhibition.70 unveiled spandau P130947571 unveiled spandau P130947672 unveiled spandau P130949373 unveiled spandau P1309512

Military history exhibition in Parade Hall

The former Parade Hall houses an exhibition of historic cannons, including the 16th-century ceremonial bombards. The weapons collection is also a reminder that Spandau was considered Prussia’s armoury since the 18th century. 75 military spandau P130955576 military spandau P130955677 military spandau P1309562Not far from the citadel, factories for the production of guns, cannons, and gunpowder were located. Up to 70,000 people worked there during the First World War and even more after 1935 when the National Socialist government broke the Treaty of Versailles.

ZAK – Centre for Contemporary Art

The extensively renovated 19th-century Old Barracks have hosted ZAK – Centre for Contemporary Art since 2018. It is an exhibition space for contemporary art and a meeting place for people of all cultures. 80 zak spandau P130951982 zak spandau P130955283 zak spandau P1309527Check out what exhibitions they offer at the time of your visit.

Bat room

The citadel is home to 10,000 bats that come every year to sleep in the citadel vaults in the winter. Visit a darkened bat room where you can see the citadel’s nocturnal inhabitants up close.85 bat spandau P130954786 bat spandau P1309548

There is much more to explore in the citadel, but now it is time to return to the centre of Spandau. If you have not had one already, have your coffee and cake at Cafe Fester.

Cafe Fester

Before or after your Spandau tour, I recommend you take a break at Cafe Fester. The family business of the Fester confectionery has operated there for almost 100 years.90 cafe fester spandau P130934493 cafe fester spandau P130934894 cafe fester spandau P130935196 cafe fester spandau 20230306 124843 The Berlin bear decorated with cake in the front of the cafe adds to the atmosphere of the place. 91 cafe fester spandau P1309345I really enjoyed my coffee and cake there.

Practical information

There is a direct train and S-Bahn connection to Spandau from Berlin airport, and it takes an hour or more to get there. Luggage lockers are available at Spandau station, so you can leave your luggage there to feel free during your walk.100 practical spandau P1309623 When planning your visit to Spandau, please keep in mind that the museum in the Gothic House is closed on Mondays. If you have more time, you can easily spend a day in Spandau and its surroundings.

This map might come in handy during your walk.

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