Rudesheim is known for two things: wine and the Rhein (Rhine) river. It’s picturesque touristy town and because of that better to visit in a shoulder season, for example, in May. Rudesheim is located just a few train stops from Frankfurt am Main on the Rhine River, just south of the famous Lorelei Cliff, a massive rock that rises 120 metres above the waterline, and it is the starting point for hikes and cruises on Rhine.

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Here is a list of seven things I recommend you to do in Rudesheim:

1) Walk Drosselgasse

Although this small street is merely 144 meters long and two meters wide, Drosselgasse is a historical landmark and an integral part of the town’s past. A charming little lane provides something for everyone. Restaurants, cafes, bars, wine stalls, gelaterias, souvenirs shops and hotels are inviting you. The overall environment is really enjoyable and lovely, absolutely and definitely worth a visit!

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2) Visit Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet

“You won’t believe your ears” while experiencing a musical adventure of the world of historical automated instruments. See a vast collection of fascinating musical instruments that function like computers, ranging from tiny, delicate music boxes to an enormous orchestrion. Tools and machines for the production of organ pipes, cardboard sheet music, rolls of sheet music and perforated disks are also on display in the collection. Open from March to December, 10am-6pm daily. You are invited to buy musical souvenirs in the nearby shop.

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Address: Oberstraße 29

3) Take cable car to Germania monument

A highlight of the stay in Rüdesheim is a cable car ride up to the Germania monument. The awe-inspiring panoramic views over Rüdesheim's old town and the shimmering waters of the Rhine dotted with green isles make the smooth glide over the vineyards a very special experience. The cable car station is located on Oberstrasse.

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4) Learn the history of Germania statue

The Germania or Niederwalddenkmal monument is located above Rudesheim town and can be regarded as the landmark of the region. The 38 meters tall monument can be seen from quite a distance. The Niederwalddenkmal was constructed shortly after the end of the German-French War in late 19th century in order to memorize the foundation of the new German Reich. It was developed by the sculptor Johannes Schilling and the architect Karl Weisbach. The monument is regarded as a symbol of the union of all German tribes. The central figure of the monument is the 10.5 meters high and 32 tons heavy “Germania”. In her right hand she is proudly holding the recovered crown of the emperor, with her left she leans self-confidentially on the sword of the empire. The largest relief shows emperor William I on his horse amidst of sovereigns, army commanders and soldiers of all corps.

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5) Walk vineyards

Rudesheim is a part of the Rheingau vine growing region, a two to three kilometers wide strip of land along the River Rhine that extends downstream from the mouth of the River Main at Wicker to the Lorchhausen village 38 kilometers away. This section of the Rhine is broad and reflecting the sun‘s light upwards onto the south facing slopes. The excellent climate with more than 1,600 hours of sunshine and just 536 mm of annual rainfall is complemented by an extraordinary diversity of soils. Winemaking has a long history in the area extending back to Roman times. There are 380 winemakers in the region. Most of them are family owned companies with vineyards between four and eight hectares. Mainly Riesling and Spätburgunder varieties of grapes are grown there and they are used to produce wines of exceptional quality. The easiest way to walk vineyards is taking a cable car uphill from town to Germania statue and then walk back. The views are incredible both ways.

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6) Buy a vine at Weingut Georg Breuer

A full-bodied, elegant wines produced by Weingut Georg Breuer are among the finest in Germany. The estate believes that fruit aromas, balance and body are more important in a wine that must weight and harvest yield. Its 33 hectares of vineyards produce both Riesling and Spätburgunder grapes. Wine masterclasses and tastings take place regularly in Breuer’s historic vaulted cellar. The estate wine shop offering a tasting for individuals is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

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33 rudesheim 1410901Address: Grabenstraße 8

7) Taste Asbach brandy at Asbach visitor centre

Asbach brandy, a famous German speciality from Rüdesheim has been produced since 1892. Carefully selected base wines, the utmost care in production and the secret Asbach maturing and refining process delivers excellent result. Classic Asbach Uralt brandy is regarded as the premium German spirit. However, there are also a number of specialty versions of this. The Asbach chocolate speciality dates back to the 1920s when it was almost unthinkable for women and alcohol to be seen together in public. Company founder Hugo Asbach therefore decided on the spur of the moment to develop the Asbach chocolate.

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Rüdesheim coffee was invented in 1957 especially for Asbach. It is best served in a genuine ‘Rüdesheim coffee’ mug. Pour warmed Asbach brandy onto three sugar cubes, light with a match and stir until the sugar dissolves. Top up with hot coffee and finish off with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream sprinkled with bittersweet chocolate flakes. Discover the world of Asbach and a variety of Asbach products at the Asbach visitors’ centre where you can watch a video about the history of the brandy and see historical distillery equipment.

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Where to stay?

Altdeutsche Weinstube Rudesheim is located close to the boat station. It has well rated national style restaurant. The interior is a bit old style which is understandable because of the hotel location in the historical building. Read more clicking this link.

10 weinstube hotel rudesheim germany 1410393If you have more time to spend in this area, follow my Rhine river valley itinerary clicking this link.
Have you been to Rudesheim or maybe plan to visiting it soon? Share your experience in the comments section.Rudesheim

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What a beautiful part of the world this is! I've only caught a train through this region, and would love to stop and explore the wineries, the cable car and those amazing little village streets. Just beautiful!
This place seems magical! It definitely one of the places I have to visit soon!
Looks like a town from a fairy tale! Would definitely visit and do all the things you've mentioned :) Thanks for sharing an interesting post.
Love the vineyard pics. Looks like a great place to spend some time!
I never heard of Rudesheim before. I would start with a cable car ride!
What a cute little village and some great tips to explore the area!
Such a lovely village and it looks like there is a lot to see and do there. I have been to Mainz near Frankfurt and enjoyed it but Rudesheim appears to have the charm and more to do. I would certainly take the cable car, visit the vineyard and brandy place, and stroll those cobblestone streets. Really enjoyed reading about the town and hope it finds into my travel plans in the future.
Such beautiful pics! Again, I've never heard of this town but it looks great - really awesome pictures too! So much of Germany left me to explore!!
I think the cable car ride is just fantastic. The beautiful views you get! It's so funny to think how much times have changed and not so long ago women drinking alcohol was frowned upon. I would just take a glass of Asbach brandy to cheer for the good times we have now, hehe :)
oh thats nice to read something about Germany :) I am german and even though I am not living in Germany since years, it always make me happy if someone appreciates "my" country ! I haven't been in Rüdesheim, yet but I have been to Lorelei once and we passed through this region by train; it is indeed very beautiful

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