10 small and beautiful Insta travel accounts for you to notice

The world of Instagram is quite special and fascinating to learn about. Just like in the real world, in many cases there is no correlation between the value and the level of recognition. My own proof of this is one and only of my photos on Instagram that I have posted twice: first soon after having started my Insta account in March, and then eight months later, in December. The second time, the same picture got ten times more likes than the first time around.
So I wanted to introduce 10 small and beautiful Insta travel accounts for your notice and liking. What were my criteria to define them as small, you may ask. They post their own pictures with over 200 (in some cases 100) posts, and have fewer than 7000 followers. Their accounts are listed in a random order. Intro picture: Best nine 2016 @arrivalsanddepartures

1 arrivalasanddepartures insta 2016


Pedro Leiria. Travel enthusiast, speaks 4 languages, has visited 49 countries. His interests are photography, movies, music travel and walking. His pictures show every corner of Lisbon and tasty Portuguese food. Website www.pedroleiria.com


She is a Texan living in London, working full time, and exploring the world with her husband. Colorful pictures from her travels in different countries of Europe and other continents.


A photo posted by @travelhobbyist on

3) @adamwilson_nz

Adam Wilson is Queenstown based adventure seeker. In his gallery, he shows the beauty of nature in southern New Zealand.


A photo posted by Adam Wilson (@adamwilson_nz) on

4) @travelkiwis

Terry and Maura sold their home to travel. Travelkiwis have visited 42 countries. Colorful pictures from their travels showing architecture and nature. Website: www.travelkiwis.com.


A photo posted by Terry&Maura (@travelkiwis) on

5) @mrruuu

The lady from Warsaw, Poland. Posting travel pictures in an interesting color palette, mostly from Europe, both architecture and nature.

6) @bobmickspix

Robert is a traveller from Yorkshire, the UK. He is interested in architecture and the outdoors. Robert is a National Geographic Your Shot member. He posts fascinating pictures of nature and architecture from Britain and other countries.


A photo posted by Robert (@bobmickspix) on

7) @somedaytrips

They are two travelers and friends, Elaine and Stuart, exploring. The account has a very colorful and spectacular feed with shots from different parts of the world. Website: www.somedaytrips.com


A photo posted by Dream Everyday (@somedaytrips) on

8) @andrea.phototravel

Andrea is based in Italy, Perugia. He posts about Italian architecture, traditions, landscapes and colors.


Joy Generoso is a travel Junkie, shutterbug and foodie. She cherishes every moment, lives, loves & travels with joy! She posts her food & travel moments mostly from Europe. Website: www.fatmoments.com


A photo posted by Joy Generoso (@fatmomentsblog) on


Jason Walker lives in Melbourne, Australia and is an avid traveler and photographer. He has traveled with his partner through 21 countries across 3 continents, including Spain, Italy, Poland, England, Slovakia, Fiji, Cambodia and Indonesia. Website: www.arrivalsanddepartures.co


What is your favourite from this list? Please share in a comments section!

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    About the author
    Anita is a part-time traveller, passionate photographer and a retired career woman from Latvia, 
    travelling mostly solo for more than 15 years. She is a skilled travel planner who plans and executes her travels by herself. Anita wants to show you how to travel the world and open your mind to new experiences. Follow her on FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter and Bloglovin.



    It is amazing the amount of research you have put in to get us this list! Thanks for sharing! It's lovely to follow you !
    It amazing to me how many great photographers there are in the world. I need to up my game! It it awesome of you to give them some exposure like this. I may follow a couple of them!
    Love that you did this and all very deserving. It is nice to see smaller accounts get recognition as well and not only big ones. Loving some of these and will be following.
    It's really nice of you to introduce people to small insta that have so much value ! They all have incredible pictures. I might have never seen them but now I know them! Thanks !
    Wow so many of these accounts look awesome :) Have been looking out for nice inspiring travel Instagram accounts. Would you like to check out sgdivegirl account as well? You might like it!
    Great to find some new Instagram accounts here that have some truly spectacular photos. I love that you focused on small accounts to spread the love and give those starting out a helping hand :-)
    michelle d
    GREAT post idea! This is actually super helpful as I was just trying to find new travel accounts to follow and gain some inspiration. Thanks!
    Great selection!!! I'll be checking a few thanks for sharing!
    Thats a nice collections, thanks a lot for putting it together, i am always searching for good accounts to get inspired and I liked a few of them straight away!
    That's awesome. I'm gonna have to follow some of these accounts. I love my Instagram. Ac
    These are all new accounts for me! Thanks for introducing me to so many other talented travelers! I love the landscape photos! This is such a great way to find new creative people!
    Thanks for this those are some incredible insta accounts so I have followed every single one of them.
    Great list, Anita. I'm now following them all for inspiration
    This is so nice and fresh! I only saw large accounts being promoted. I noticed the ones I liked the most I am actually following :)
    Pretty mice selection. I like the New Zealand mountain lake shot best.
    Amazing post!! I love that you included smaller accounts. Typically with these types of posts you see a bunch of the same accounts over and over again. I followed all of these (all amazing!) which is unusual for me. Thank you for this!
    Thanks for sharing this! It's great that you took the time to spot the smaller IG accounts! Something unique!
    Thanks for sharing Anita - some real gems in here, I'll be checking out their galleries on Instagram!
    Thank you for sharing! Definitely checking out these guys in IG!
    Well that put some colour into my day! Thanks for highlighting these folk and their beautiful images. Will be following them from now on

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