I think one of the most important things for travel planning is to choose the right time for your visit. Not to be too cold or extremely hot and avoiding crowds when possible. The other important thing is to choose the right destination for you. For sure there is much more than one travel destination for visiting for each month of the year; still, here is my list of 12 destinations for each month of the year. I hope you will find some vacation ideas to inspire you for awesome trips in the near future. So here you go.

January. Myanmar

Why not start the year with visiting Myanmar, especially since Bagan in 2019 has been finally named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a quarter of a century after this ancient capital was first nominated. Bagan temples are so fascinating.10 thatbyinnyu phaja bagan thesanetravel.com 1610750

If you want to see them from above, add a hot air balloon ride to your itinerary. Also, visit Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and Ubein Bridge near Mandalay. 11 u bein bridge myanmar thesanetravel.com 1630023And, of course, Inle Lake is a must.

February. The Philippines

February is one of the coolest months in the Philippines and the probability of a typhoon is quite low, so pack your bags and go to the Philippines in February. My heart belongs to Coron and its island-hopping but other parts of the country are awesome too. 13 coron island hopping philippines www.thesanetravel.com 1170910I found hiking the Pinatubo volcano quite special. 14 hiking to pinatubo volcano philippines www.thesanetravel.com 1150335The visit to Tagaytay from Manila was a great experience with awesome landscapes, beautiful art museum, a spa break and mouth-watering food.

March. North Vietnam

Vietnam stretches for almost 1700 kilometres from North to South; therefore, the weather is very different in different parts of the country. So my advice would be having several trips to this awesome country, visiting its Northern part at the end of March. It may be a bit cold to go to Sapa but it’s a good time to see Hanoi, Halong Bay, Phong Nha caves,17 paradise cave vietnam www.thesanetravel.com 9 Hoi An, and Imperial city Hue.15 boats hue vietnam thesanetravel.com P1030828

April. Romania

To me, Romania seems like an undiscovered gem in Europe with its interesting history, nature and architecture. It’s worth visiting even if you are not a Dracula fan. I find its heritage quite fascinating, with the fortified churches of Transylvanian Saxons included in UNESCO world heritage list. 18 biertan romania thesanetravel.com 1420846The untouched Pele’s castle is just marvellous. I loved Sibiu, a town just out of a fairy tale, its colourful houses and roofs with “eyes” watching you everywhere.19 sibiu romania thesanetravel.com 1420077 Better pick the time of your visit towards the end of the month.

May. Perigord Noir, France

I find the south-west of France, especially Perigord Noir a fascinating destination with a great mix of awesome landscapes and stunning towns and villages. As a lover of gardens, I loved the Gardens of Marqueyssac located at the edge of a rocky spur. 20 gardens perigord thesanetravel.com 1710375They rise 130 metres above the Dordogne River, one of the most spectacular sites in Périgord Noir. I stayed overnight in La Roque-Gageac, one of the most beautiful villages in France, and it was a very special experience. 21 gardens perigord thesanetravel.com 1710549Do not forget to include the medieval Sarlat town in your itinerary. Choose weekdays for your travel if possible, to avoid crowds. You will need a car for this trip.

June. Kenya

My long-time dream was to go on a safari trip in Africa. With Turkish Airlines ticket sales to Nairobi, I made this dream come true. If you want to see a wildebeest migration, you have to choose another month for safari, but I had a great experience anyway while visiting Masai Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo National parks. I found lions lying on the trees fascinating in Amboseli National Park, not to mention the herds of hundreds of elephants there, leaving a long lasting impression with their magnificent walk.23 amboseli kenya thesanetravel.com 1500653 Tsavo Serena lodge is very special, allowing you to watch the animals directly from your breakfast or dinner table.24 serena tsavo west kenya thesanetravel.com 1500803

July. Latvian classical music festivals

If you are a classical music lover, you have to come to Latvia in July. I just want to mention two classical music festivals, namely, the early music festival in the middle of July with its culmination in magnificent Rundale palace 26 early music festival thesanetravel.com 180753and the new Riga Jurmala music festival, already recognised internationally, with many stars of classical music taking part. 27 riga jurmala thesanetravel.com P1760748You also have a great opportunity to visit Riga and Jurmala, both awesome in the summertime.

August. Lofoten Islands in Norway

Even though Norway for sure is not the cheapest country in Europe, my trip to Lofoten islands was a blast. Lofoten is located at the 68th and 69th parallels north of the Arctic Circle in North Norway. The incomparable landscape and views from the top of Reinebringen are the best I have seen anywhere. 28 lofoten thesanetravel com P1800352There are many opportunities for hikes and great sightseeing everywhere. 29 lofoten thesanetravel com P1800689August is good for traveling in Lofoten because of avoiding crowds in July.

September. Yellowstone National Park the USA

Another item on my bucket list was visiting Yellowstone National park. I very much wanted to compare it to my New Zealand North island experience of thermal sites. Yes, it has some similarities, but Yellowstone is much richer, offering not only stunning geothermal sights but also animal viewing and excellent landscapes. Travellers’ favourites include the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, 30 grand canyon yellowstone usa P1830222Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake and the Grand Prismatic Spring. 31 grand prismatic spring yellowstone usa P1830101If you prefer to have a tour, make sure you book it with Austin Adventures.

October. Porto, Portugal

As I only visited the area around Lisbon in my first Portugal trip, I very much wanted to come back to see the Northern part of the country, including Porto. Yes, it was awesome. I think Porto does not need promotion because of the crowds of Harry Potter fans visiting Livraria Lello but there is much more to see in this beautiful city, including the stunning views from Clerigos church tower33 porto P1850449 and tasting Port wine at Calem cellars.34 porto P1850608 Do not forget the gorgeous views of Dom Luis I bridge.

November. Colombia

Colombia was the first country I visited in South America and it was an unforgettable experience. I loved Bogota, Cartagena and Salento but the visit to Cano Cristales was most memorable. Therefore, I wish for you to be able to visit this country in November mainly because of the Cano Cristales allowing you to see the views of the river in five colours and also see the blossom of the endemic Vellozia plant.36 cano cristales colombia thesanetravel.com P188063037 la macarena colombia thesanetravel.com P1880824

December. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

To avoid the heat, it’s a good idea to visit the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi in December. To be honest, I prefer Abu Dhabi to Dubai firstly because of the Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque. Also, having afternoon tea at the Emirates Palace was quite a special experience. 40 grand mosque abu dhabi thesanetravel.com P1590007But first and foremost, I loved my tour of the desert and an Arabian night village. It was an awesome opportunity to visit the stunning desert and experience the feel of the local culture.41 camels in desert thesanetravel.com P1600104

Like it? Pin it!I think one of the most important things for travel planning is to choose the right time for your visit. Not to be too cold or extremely hot and avoiding crowds when possible. The other important thing is to choose the right destination for you. Here is my list of 12 destinations for each month of the year. I hope you will find some vacation ideas to inspire you for awesome trips in the near future. #travelinspiration #travelideas #vacationideas #tripideas #travelphotography  #travelblog


What did you think? What is your favourite month of the year for traveling and what was your favourite experience? I’d love to hear from you so please add your comments below.

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    Wonderful list. Thanks for sharing
    Great photos and post-Anita!
    Cheers and best wishes for 2020!

    I like that. Looking forward each month.
    Lots of great ideas here and places I can attest are a great visit. Planning is almost as fun as traveling and you have provided some great ideas for those looking for a little inspiration!
    I'd love to visit Columbia and Romania. Great list of places
    Fantastic list of amazing places to go. Your photos are stunning and I love the way you give us just enough information to "tempt" us into wanting to go. Thank you for sharing all these amazing places with us.
    Great ideas! Now all I need to do is pack... and make some money to afford those trips. ;-) Those photos make me want to travel there for sure!
    I have heard that October is a good time to go to Porto! And I'd love to go to Lithuania.
    Romania and Freance are countries in Europe that I havent been to yet, so I would love to visit those!
    Fantastic list!! Yellowstone National Park is one of my very favorite places and in the Fall it would be gorgeous! I really want to travel to Porto

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