Heading to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania? You will need a place to stay. The choice of hotels in Vilnius is big enough. Free Wi-Fi seems to be a standard feature. The following tips might be helpful for you to make a good hotel choice. I have stayed in quite a number of hotels in Vilnius and want to share my personal experience of these hotels to make your decision easier.

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1) Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square 

Overall impression: 5* star hotel. An upscale hotel with a nice lobby and a good restaurant.
Location good for: sightseeing on foot.
What I liked: customer service and lobby interior, breakfast.

1 kempinski hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 13500951 kempinski hotel room vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1350025

1 kempinski hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1350027

Things to be aware about: It is expensive; do not choose the rooms on the top floor because of a skewed ceiling and the irregular shape of rooms. If you want to use the swimming pool, make sure that it is included into your room charge. The swimming pool area is quite small compared to the size of the hotel. Car parking might be difficult due to the lack of space in the city centre.
Prices per night per room: may start at 140 euros.
Address: Universiteto gatve 14/2.

2) Ramada hotel and suites 

Overall impression: 5* star hotel. Classical, nostalgic interior. A very cramped reception area. Beautiful lobby. Elegant restaurant. Different quality of rooms at the same price.
Location good for: sightseeing around the old town by foot.
What I liked: restaurant, lobby.

1 ramada hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 10006082 ramada hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 10006104 ramada hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1000710

5 ramada hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1000717

6 ramada hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1000738

Things to be aware about: for me it’s definitely not a five star property. I wouldn’t give more than 4 stars to it. Make sure you get a renovated room. Advance booking of a table in the restaurant is recommended.
Prices per night per room: May start at 110 euros.
Address: Subaciaus gatve 2.

3) City Hotels Algirdas 

Overall impression: 3* star hotel. Unattractive reception area and small rooms. Nice interior details. Beautiful restaurant.
Location good for: Being quite close to the city centre.
What I liked: A restaurant.

1 aalgirdas hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 15101061 aalgirdas hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1510104Things to be aware about: Rooms are small. 
Prices per room per night: May start at 40 euros.
Address: Algirdo gatve 24
Read more about this hotel clicking this link.

4) Comfort hotel LT 

Overall impression: 3,5* star hotel. Nice hotel with stylish music theme interior and spacious rooms.
Location good for: travelling by car, with limited free parking available, next to a supermarket. Not in the old town, but distance is walkable. Airport bus stop is next to the hotel.
What I liked: interior, customer service, free coffee and tea. Great value for money. Spacious rooms.

1 comfort hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 10902962 comfort hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1090307

3 comfort hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1090313

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Things to be aware about: free parking space is limited and may not be available. Coffee quality at breakfast was not good enough for me and buying it from the bar was expensive. No kettle in the room.
Prices per night: may start at 45 euros.
Address: Mindaugo gatve 27.

5) ibis Styles Vilnius

Overall impression: 3* star hotel. Plain but nice hotel on the main road to Minsk, Belarus and not far from the airport.
Location good for: travelling by car to Belarus or staying the night before your flight from Vilnius airport. 
What I liked: Nice interior, good customer service, reasonable price.

1 ibis style hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 13507562 ibis style hotel vilnius www.thesanetravel.com 1350772

Things to be aware about: if you book parking at the airport for your car on the internet, you might get a discount coupon for an overnight stay there before your flight. Former Campanile Vilnius Airport Hotel.

Prices per night per room: May start at 35 euros.
Address: Minsko pl. 14

Read more about this hotel clicking this link.


If I had to choose just one hotel in Vilnius, it would be Comfort Hotel LT because of its appealing character and great value for money. The choice of a 5 star hotel in Vilnius still is a question mark to me because I was not satisfied with what I got for my money in Kempinski and Ramada.
Have you been to Vilnius? What is your favourite hotel there? Please share in the comments section.

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  • Published by Anita on February 19, 2017


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Vilnius seems like a great travel destination and your suggestions are simply awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to follow your ideas! How many days would you enough to explore all of the highlights of Vilinus?
Hi Anita,Thanks for this list! Always good to have somebody, who actually stayed in a place give their honest opinions on the pros and cons.Happy continued travels,C
I've never been to that part of Europe, but find that most Ibis hotels are fairly similar and clean. That would likely be my choice!
Nice list of hotels. I like the variety. We love hotels and do a little bit of both, luxury and budget friendly (still nice quality though). We just went to Europe last summer and were surprised by how small the rooms were! Even the nice hotels had small, but comfortable rooms. The Comfort Hotel stood out the most to me - very different and unique!
I usually stay in funky guesthouses - as it's more my style, but these hotels look so quaint and cute I might have to break my rule! Looks like you had a great time!
Wow, some of them are quite pricey, though looking at the pictures and review I would think they would cost less. The Comfort hotel interior caught my eye, looks like it's for young people. Great overview.
They all look pretty amazing. but just from the photos I would go for the Kempinski. That is why I like your Blog recommendation to also see all other relevant points, because if you don't get that much value for your money, then rather stay in a cheaper, but more valuable one, I totally agree to this.
Great reviews. They all look nice and cozy. I haven't been to Vilinus yet but I will keep your recommendations in mind.
I think I would like the Kimpinski hotel, because it is easy to get to local sites.
They all look good enough (like the Van Hagar song) for me, but 3 & 4 stand out the most!
So nice to find posts about my home city :) Like I'm from Vilnius, I wouldn't stay in any of them but would recommend Ramada - it's perfect location! :)
Tracy lifeofkuhl
I love the character in some of these hotels, particularly the Ramada. Such beautiful design and detail. Really thorough evaluation.
Great reviews of all these hotels. Definitely going to save this for a future trip! This is making me get the travel bug! I can't wait for my next vacation!-Leah
Great post. Good to bookmark in case I visit Lithuania. It is always good to have some recommendations for good places to stay.
We have a friend who have always invited us to visit Vilnius and we'd love to explore it later this year. The City Hotels Algirdas looks like our kind of hotel, we love the desing of the room, with your photos you inspired us :)

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