Manila is great in and of itself. If you want to see the Philippines and not just stay in one place, public transport opportunities imply you would have to return to Manila to make your next trip. Therefore Manila is a good starting point for side trips to choose from. Some of them might include one overnight stay at the destination point.
Here is my selection of 4 side trips from Manila in 12 pictures:

1) Pinatubo trekking tour

If you like hiking with some taste of adventure, it’s the right thing for you. Might be done as a day tour but if you don’t like to get up in the middle of the night, consider arriving to the tour starting point the evening before.

12 hiking to pinatubo volcano philippines 1150335

10 hiking to pinatubo volcano philippines 1150238

11 hiking to pinatubo volcano philippines 1150297

Read more about Pinatubo trekking tour by clicking this link.

2) Taal heritage town

If you are a history and architecture lover, this is the tour for you. Can be easily done in one day.

13 taal batangas philippines 1170294

14 taal batangas philippines 1170264

15 taal batangas philippines 1170361Read more about Taal heritage town by clicking this link.

3) Tagaytay town day tour

If you want to have incredible vistas, art, relaxation and delicious food all in one, go to Tagaytay!

17 tagaytay philippines 1150667

18 tagaytay philippines 1150602

19 tagaytay philippines 1150711

Read more about Tagaytay town tour by clicking this link.

4) Coron island hopping

If you want to see paradise, swim, snorkel and dive, this is where you must go. Includes a short flight and most likely, at least one overnight stay.

21 coron island hopping philippines 1170910

22 coron island hopping philippines 1170725

23 coron island hopping philippines 1170885

Read more about Coron island hopping by clicking this link.

Have you been to Manila? What is your favourite side trip from there?


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    This place seems so beautiful! Would love to go there!
    Amazing photos! Very inspiring! I wish I were in Manila right now!
    Filippines look fabulous and your photos are so appealing that makes us want to book a trip there. Specially Coron island looks like such a great natural place that I would love to visit.
    wooowww... Philippines is actually my country, but I haven't explored much like you do... great to see you're amazing photos,,,I'm from the south... and you're right that flights take off usually from Manila... I hope that we'll have more domestic flights to hop on from island to another island....
    Wow, your photos are amazing! I would love to visit Manila next time. It looks like there is a lot to do there!Roger Wellington
    Your pictures are absolutely amazing!!! You have sold me on wanting to visit the Philippines.
    I have only been to the city of Manila and not to any of the surrounding islands. This certainly looks like a place with lots of options for pleasant excursions. Tagaytay looks particularly interesting, perhaps because of the food and that it looks so colorful.
    I haven't been to Manila yet but you're pictures really make me wanna change that. Especially Coron Island and the Pinatubo Trekking tour.. that looks beautiful!
    Wow. All the pics are so amazing. Loved it :)
    I'm ashamed to say, I didn't do any of these when I was in Manila. An opportunity wasted I think, they look great!
    Wow! These are awesome photographs! I love posts like this-it's so great to help get ideas for day trips. For some reason that's always the hardest part of trip planning.
    These pictures make me want to book a flight right now and go see all of these places. Really inspiring post. I can't believe how beautiful these places are :)
    As usual, your photos are fabulous and really capture the beauty of the area. I am looking forward to visiting here one day so thanks for lots of details. I enjoy getting off the beaten path. Looks like there's plenty of places to hike too! Thank you for sharing.
    That looks like a very stunning place to visit! I love all of the colours. :) Thank you for sharing this!
    This post is very good, because when I was cabin crew and we flew to Manila most of the times the crew used to say "oh but there's nothing to do in Manila" , I think we were just lazy to check this nice trips. Your pictures are great as well, keep up the good work . Cheers !
    The Philippines look amazing! Your photos are great. The photo of the tropical fruits reminds me of how much love the fruit in Asia. I haven't been in a while, so might be time to plan - maybe the Philippines is the place to go.
    Amazing photos. Love the last three of your photos. Hope someday i can go to there
    Amazing photos. I'm so inspired to visit Manila right now. I've heard a lot of great things about travel to the Philippines in 2016. If I wasn't already booked for most of my 2017 trips I would head there. Whats the the best time of year to visit Manila?
    Wow! All of these side trips are right up my alley. Did you happen to go snorkeling while island hopping? I would love to know more about that experience!
    Stunning photos! The more I read about the Philippines the more I want to pack my bags and go. That trek looks pretty amazing!

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