Breathtaking tandem paragliding flight from Babadag Turkey

tandem paragliding Oludeniz

A few years ago, during my stay at the Oludeniz beach resort in Turkey, many people told me I shouldn't miss out on tandem paragliding from the Babadag mountain. Having done some asking around, I learned it's widely recognized as the second best place in the world to do that! It would really be a shame to let the chance slip, so I went to the local travel agency and booked a flight with Hector Tandem Paragliding.

Next morning, feeling a tiny bit nervous but definitely very excited, I headed to the meeting place with nothing but a camera in hand. The weather was warm and sunny the way it is 80% of the time there, just perfect for paragliding. By a narrow windy road the lorry brought us to the top of the mountain, 2000 meters (or 6562 feet) above Oludeniz. Quite a number of people were already there, preparing the equipment for the flight. My pilot, Kayhan Dura, said he paraglides from Babadag in summer and from another place in South Africa in winter. A few short instructions later we were ready to take off.

Imagine you're running to the edge of the mountain, suddenly your feet lose ground and... the flight begins! Sitting in a chair in front of your pilot, you’re flying above the mountains, the sea and the town – the feeling is absolutely incredible. I actually didn't expect us to be flying up, not down at once, but that's what we did. Half an hour almost seemed too short a time span to give justice to all those breathtaking views, and there we were, landed safely right on the Oludeniz beach. The pilot did a professional job, but I didn't just sit there motionless either, I had to move my feet too. The experience is unforgettable, and I highly recommend it!

A few years later I was in Queenstown, New Zealand, on a mountain that's considered to be another great place to paraglide from. The views are just as impressive, but in all honesty, I would still choose Oludeniz. In any case, do try paragliding at least once in your lifetime if you get the chance! You certainly won’t regret such a thrilling and memorable adventure.

Look at the paragliding photo gallery here: Flight from the Babadag mountain

  • Published by Anita on January 15, 2016
  • Traveled May 2012

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Very nice thanks for sharing this information.
Wow- this looks like an amazing adventure!
Sounds good!
This is an incredible photo... and your instructor isn't too bad himself ;-) This is an adventure I'd love to try some day!
Looks beautiful Anita! I can see why this is one of the best places in the world for it :) WIll had to add it to the bucket list for when in Turkey next. Thanks!
This sounds amazing! I have heard a few times now that Turkey is a great destination for adventure sports like this and would love to try this one day! Thanks for sharing,Maria
This looks amazing and I so admire you for doing it but there is now way I would be this brave! It does look such an awesome experience though so maybe one day I could be tempted!
Seems like this is a great experience. I would like to try.

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